Why Radio Frequency is Better Than Best GPS Pet Trackers for Dogs

Best GPS Pet Trackers

As indicated by examining by Sainsbury’s Bank, around 60 felines or canines disappear in the UK consistently. Unfortunately, many missing felines stay away forever, so the dread of losing their darling pet frequents many feline guardians. While smaller-scale chipping is significant, it possibly works if the feline is seen and taken to a vet as examined. So when sitting and holding up isn’t a choice, what’s the other option? In what capacity can I proactively discover my feline when it disappears?

Best GPS Pet Trackers
Best GPS Pet Trackers

There are a couple of alternatives to which Radio Frequency Cat Trackers or Best GPS Pet Trackers are the most well known. As we have impressive experience with the two innovations, we felt that it would be precious for our clients to clarify which is best for the following felines and why. In any case, how about we start by defining the distinction between the two advances.

Measure and Weight

GPS gadgets are intended to follow bigger things over enormous separations. But since of this, they experience the ill effects of being generally substantial and massive when contrasted with the Tabcat Cat Tracker. A GPS Cat Tracker will regularly be at least 30 grams. By method for examination, it is equal to a grown-up human conveying a large portion of a pack of sugar (500g) around their neck*.

A study** completed in New Zealand and distributed in 2015, took a gander at the effect of neckline mounted track gadgets on household felines. They recorded felines wearing GPS beacons weighing somewhere in the range of 30g and 130g and hoped to comprehend the devices sway conduct and development. They presumed that GPS collars on felines

Battery Life

GPS gadgets find utilizing triangulation from at least four satellites circling the earth. This sign between the device and the moon needs to travel around 12,000 miles. Thus the battery needs to make a substantial effort to control the gadget devouring a ton of cells in any event when the device is transmitting intermittently. A GPS will typically last somewhere in the range of two and six days before the battery should be revived (reliant on use).

The Tabcat Cat Tracker battery will last as long as a year reliant on use. At the point when its level, it very well may be effectively supplanted with a broadly available CR2032 battery.


While GPS will situate over a considerable separation, yet it isn’t all that great at stick point exactness. Regularly a GPS gadget will track to somewhere in the range of five and ten meters. This is OK if the feline is in the open yet increasingly tricky if the feline is lost in thick undergrowth or even stuck in storehouses or a shed. GPS likewise depends on a direct line of sight to the satellites, so additionally turns out to be profoundly dangerous inside.